Job details

The Java Developer position involves the design, development and maintenance of software applications using the Java programming language. Java developers are responsible for creating robust, high-performance solutions, ensuring code quality and efficient problem solving, while contributing to a variety of projects within the company.

Job description

  1. Application development: Design and program applications in Java, in compliance with functional and technical requirements.
  2. Problem solving: Diagnose and correct bugs, code errors and unsatisfactory performance in existing applications.
  3. Performance optimization: Improve the efficiency, speed and scalability of Java applications by optimizing code and adjusting resources.
  4. Unit testing: Create and run tests to ensure application reliability and consistency of results.
  5. Team collaboration: Work in close coordination with other developers, project managers and stakeholders to ensure the success of Java development projects.


  1. Master Java.
  2. Software design.
  3. Problem solving.
  4. Use Java frameworks (such as Spring).
  5. Teamwork.

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