We developed an innovative application designed to revolutionize the restaurant experience.

This innovation offers significant advantages for both restaurant owners and patrons. It enhances operational efficiency by minimizing order mistakes and expediting service, allowing waitstaff to prioritize customer engagement over order processing, thereby boosting satisfaction. The application facilitates personalized service with features like dish customization and dietary preference tracking, including allergies.

Additionally, it aids in inventory control by providing real-time sales data and streamlining supply management. Ultimately, this technology elevates the dining experience, streamlines restaurant operations, and bolsters profitability through improved resource management.

Introducing Kidim, mobile application for restaurateurs
20% Revenue increase 20%
60% Reduced errors 60%
50% Increased employee profitability 50%
60% Waste reduction 60%
50% Faster ordering process 50%
20% Improved customer satisfaction 20%

Increase your profits while reducing manpower dependency


A user-friendly, intuitive interface makes our application easy to use.


Speed up your inventory process.


Track your restaurant’s traffic with data and statistics.


Increase your return on investment


Customize the application to suit your brand


Empower your restaurant’s autonomy with self-managed operations.

Our order-taking application for restaurants lets customers easily browse the menu, customize their orders, and submit them in just a few clicks. It also simplifies order management for restaurant staff.

Absolutely, our application is designed to adapt to different types of restaurants, from small-scale cafés and fast-food outlets to larger, upscale restaurants. We customize the application to meet your specific needs.

Data security is a priority for us. We use advanced encryption protocols to protect customer information. Furthermore, all data is stored securely and in compliance with data privacy regulations. Your privacy is our primary concern.

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